How can you make your water break at 38 weeks

When Your Water Breaks Without Contractions

how can you make your water break at 38 weeks

How to break your water 2017-How to make your water break 2017

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If your water is being broken under the management of your doctor, it is generally a safe procedure. But you should never try to break your water at home without supervision. Your labor could start very quickly after your water is broken, or the baby may be in a dangerous position that could cause a complication. Having your doctor break your water is a simple procedure, if recommended. Once you are dilated far enough, your doctor will use a small hook to gently break the bag of waters.

Your baby develops inside a bag of fluid called the amniotic sac. When your baby is ready to be born, the sac breaks and the fluid comes out through your vagina. This is your waters breaking. This is known as artificial rupture of membranes ARM. But get medical advice straight away if your waters break and you are less than 37 weeks pregnant. This is because you could be at risk of premature labour.

If your waters break before your baby has reached full term 37 weeks , the medical name for it is preterm prelabour rupture of the membranes, or PPROM. If this happens early, before the contractions start, it can but does not always trigger early labour. This page deals with waters breaking early before 37 weeks. If your waters have broken early, you will experience it as a trickle or a gush of water from your vagina. It is likely to continue leaking once it has started If it isn't too heavy you can use a sanitary towel to catch it.

Occasionally, water can break before labor begins. This is known as premature rupture of membranes PROM. If your water breaks before you are 37 weeks pregnant, this is called preterm premature rupture of membranes PPROM. If your water breaks before your contractions begin, you will be given a few options based on your other symptoms and your medical history. The options that you have will be offered by your doctor or midwife.

Once they approve it, try going for an easy, minute walk, which can cause your water to break. Besides walking, you can try other exercises like lunges, deep squats, and climbing stairs to make your water break. Just be sure to go slow so you avoid doing anything too strenuous. If you feel like it, you can also try having sex at least once a day to break your water. Additionally, you can massage your nipples for a few minutes each day, since this releases a labor-inducing chemical in your body.

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