Nfl teams with new uniforms

NFL, Nike Introduce Inverted Football Jerseys

nfl teams with new uniforms

NFL Helmet Design IDEAS For All 32 NFL Teams (PART 2 OF 6)

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Oh, "New York" has also been added to the jersey of a team that's headquartered and plays its home games Look sharp: 13 other NFL teams that should change uniforms. So with little else to write about with the draft three weeks away, here are uniform power rankings you were dying to argue about:. Or just scrap the entire brand and start fresh. Yeah, maybe that.

Ahead of the season, the Cleveland Browns promised to make a splash with their new uniforms. It was already shocking that the Browns were changing uniforms. After all, Cleveland is the only team in the NFL that still wears a helmet without a logo on either side of it. They also had gray facemasks at the time and that's about as old school as it gets when it comes to football uniform design. Still, Cleveland's unique color scheme made it so that their look was still interesting, even if it was a bit too simple. That changed when the Browns and Nike unveiled their new uniforms for Aside from the helmet, the new uniforms were nearly universally panned from an aesthetic standpoint.

This is it. This is the definitive ranking of NFL uniforms, one on which everyone will absolutely, positively agree. We nailed all 32 teams despite such a ranking being percent subjective. Sarcasm aside, the designs of NFL uniforms in this Nike era, which began in , are increasingly artistic and bold. The new threads the Jets are debuting this year are a perfect example, as was the Titans' new look unveiled last year and, even further back, the Buccaneers' twist to their traditional red and pewter. More teams, namely the Rams and Browns, are scheduled to come out with new uniforms soon.

With Nike now having a bigger impact on the NFL with uniform and helmet designs, Sports' graphic artist Ted Hyman took on the task of issuing fully redesigned uniform concepts for every NFL team.
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The reaction to the new threads was rather unanimous in that pretty much no one seemed to like them. In fact, there are several NFL teams that do need to do something about their look and these are the top-five teams in need of a change. It could be argued that before the Jets introduced their new look, the Browns had the worst uniform in the NFL. For that reason, they were left out of the top five. Hopefully, they do better than the Jets did.

Cleveland Browns Will Have New Uniforms For 2020 NFL Season

Madden 19 First Look at All NFL Teams Uniforms and Alternative Uniforms

The Worst Uniforms in the History of Every NFL Team

The Falcons should wear these throwbacks for every game. Every practice, for that matter, too. And, just to be safe, throw 'em on for training camps and minicamps as well. They're fantastic. The creamsicle orange uni's are associated with some of the darkest days of the Bucs' franchise history but should still be appreciated. Bucco Bruce is a logo that easily tops the one they currently use on their helmets, and that jersey color, while garish to some and unheralded during its time, would fit in well with the league's current trends. You're going to see a pattern unfold in the coming slides, and that pattern involves black-on-black uniforms.

The NFL is filled with a great history of amazing players, legendary teams and memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, with these memories, there are also some moments in time in which we would like to forget. This is a list of the worst uniform ideas for every single franchise in the NFL. The only qualification for this list is that the team has to have worn the uniform for at least one official game in the NFL. Some teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears have uniforms that have been virtually untouched in their team history. But within every franchise, there is at least one uniform set that just makes you wonder "why? The Arizona Cardinals unveiled a new black alternate jersey for the season.

5 NFL teams that should follow Jets’ lead and change uniforms




Some NFL teams are set with awesome-looking uniforms. Hopefully their new, "nothing fancy"uniforms in will be something likethat.
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