Lego pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides walkthrough

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough

lego pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides walkthrough

1 - London Town - walkthrough - On Stranger Tides - LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Go to the fireplace on the left and pick up the shotgun - London Town -.

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Game Reviews - add yours. To find the the 10 minikits on the On Stranger Tides installment of Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean follow the text and video instructions below. The one in the far corner needs to be built before you can destroy it. After the sixth, you will be given the minikit Video time: Minikit 2: Use a singing character to break the glass on the balcony. The minikit is just outside Video time:

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This is one of the longest levels in the game, so grab your favorite snack and get ready for some swashbuckling. After the cutscene, fight off some enemies and use your compass. Select the golden sword at the top, then follow the dots to find it. Pick up the sword this will make fighting much easier , then head to the left. Take out one of the enemies standing near the window, then pick up a gun. Shoot one of the targets, then use the pieces that fall to build a zipline.

Quite generously the developers are releasing a port of the game on every possible platform for all audience types. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean crosses all the stories of the four movies to provide rich game experience to fans. Again, there would be lot to conquer, lots of puzzles to solve, lots of journeys to do, and lots of fights to win. More than 70 familiar characters are featured in the game and you can get the detailed info about these in our LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Characters Guide. Chapter 1 — Port Royal As things get started, you will find a damaged circular platform on the floor. Repair it and then repair the red blocks placed beside to transform them into a switch. To build the switch from blocks, you will have to switch to a player with a hammer.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough Part 16 - London Town (On Stranger Tides)

Use Jack's compass to find the chest with bombs. - Go to the fireplace on the left and pick up the shotgun. Shoot at the target on the window.

Captain Jack Sparrow

As you are working through the story of the game there are a few cumulative achievements that you will most likely get along the way. This can be done by collecting a certain amount of studs in each level. This will be our first play-through on story mode so I will only highlight the main storyline based achievements in here as the rest can be done in free play afterwards. As you work your way through the first film you will be starting off in Port Royal. There are a few achievements related to this that you can get in one play through of the first chapter. You have 2 choices.





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