Super robot monkey team hyperforce go season 5 episode 1

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super robot monkey team hyperforce go season 5 episode 1

Main Characters The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce: Chiro/Skeleton Prince He pilots the Torso Tank Driver 1, the torso of the Super Robot. He turned evil in the second-to-last episode Object of Hate, but with the help of his friends.

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What will happen when Suggazoom city is in danger? What will Chiro do when Jinmays pet 'Saco' gets up to mischief with the super robot? Shuggazoom City is very hot and the only way to keep cool is to swim! Water begins to flood the city. The hyper force are right to it but, Chiro can't swim!

List of sticky scenes in popular media. Apparently, the disease spreads to Lum's human lecherous boyfriend Ataru. Marvel Comics has a few examples: Jocasta from The Avengers, created by the evil male robot Ultron to be his bride; and later, Alkhema, who had a similar origin. You can watch cartoon online for free and in English. However, Ataru, being the flirtatious scum he is, heads off in a flash going girl hunting, eventually spreading the disease to all the men in Tomobiki According to Lum, women can't get the disease. Lum resorts to using a huge goo gun to trap Ataru, but she ends up trapping nearly everyone else before catching him. In particular, one young lady in high heels gets her shoe stuck in the goo, but when Ataru approaches her she sheds her stuck shoe and flees.

We were preparing to attack skeleton king threat but there were a lot of them, almost invesible. Nova and Sparks were attacking the formless, Gibson and Otto were attacking mandarin and Antauri and I attacking skeleton king. When we were in front of the super robot one of those spines nailed on my back and I blacked out into a deep sleep. I was very hungry an thirsty, its been days since the battle started, so I asked Antauri to go look for food and water. We went to the forest, there was not a single fruit or any kind of food out there to be foud, but we fond a lake.

On patrol of the city, Sparx detects a strange force nearby. Chiro is eager to watch his favorite TV show The Sun Riders , so the magnet -fisted monkey insists that he go alone. He hasn't gone far when the other monkeys realize he's disappeared, and they can't contact him in any way. They set out to find him, and after a bumpy ride in the Super Robot, they find themselves stranded in a wasteland of junk, occupied by Lord Scrapperton, a man who has "upgraded" all of his human parts to make himself fully robot. But this guy seems way too happy - creepy happy - and Chiro is suspicious. He keeps the cybernetic collector busy while the monkeys search for their friend. They find out that the Formless are chasing The Sun Riders.

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Season 5

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go Season 5 Episode 1

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. The team encounters Orthos Plasmius, the one who trained the alchemist years ago, and tells him how it began!


super robot monkey team hyperforce go season 5




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