How to transfer contacts from s3 to s5 via bluetooth

How do I transfer contacts using Bluetooth?

how to transfer contacts from s3 to s5 via bluetooth

Jul 4, If you are looking for how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung using bluetooth, this guide actually works! Forget the packaged.

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The phone contacts are always the first concern for any smart phone users, for a smart phone is somewhat useless without any contacts saved. Entering contacts manually on your smart phone is the usual method, but it will take lots of time if you have numerous contacts to transfer. So what will you do if you need to transfer contacts from Samsung S4 to Samsung S5 after an upgrade? To solve the problem, you can refer to the rest of the article below. The easiest and fastest way to transfer contacts between Samsung phones is by using Apowersoft Phone Transfer. This robust application can also be utilized in transferring various files such as audio, video, images, music, applications, call logs, SMS and the likes.

An increasing number of people are joining the "Information Age". As a smart tool accesses to explosive information, mobile phones are upgraded very fast. Commonly, you need to transfer data from your old HTC while having a new Samsung phone. Here are 4 useful methods for you to transfer data from HTC to Samsung effectively. Actually, Samsung Data Transfer is not just designed for Samsung. Moreover, you can transfer files with click once only. The user-friendly interface, listing all the files' catalogue, helps you select data conveniently.

If you are looking for how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung using bluetooth, this guide actually works! Forget the packaged software, no downloads needed. This method of transferring contacts is free, easy, and doesn't cost you a thing.
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On the Share contact via list of apps, how does one add or edit that list? I use another Messaging app Handscent that doesn't show up in the list. Thanks, Rod. Hi Rodswartz, Thanks for coming. I've just duplicated your issue, seems the messaging app allowed in the share contact via list apps is the stock Messaging app only.

3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

Hie Can you please tell me where can I find the shared. VCF file in my storage. - Many users may think it is very daunting to sync Android contacts.

If you just get tired of your old HTC phone and ready to switch to a new Samsung Galaxy phone, like Galaxy S5, you must want to transfer all the important files from your old HTC phone to the new mobile for continued using, so that you can make calls, send messages and emails without re-input the contacts to the new phone one by one again. Well, it is easy to copy music, photos and videos from HTC phone to Samsung Galaxy, but it is not so easy to transfer contacts between two different phones because contacts are located in the internal memory and SIM card in a mobile phone. You need to ask help from a third-party mobile data transfer tool to help you finish the contacts transferring task. If you have no idea about how to select a phone data transfer tool, we would like to introduce you with the world's best Mobile Phone Transfer , which is specially designed for you to transfer data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, calendars and call logs from one phone to another conveniently. You can follow the same way to transfer contacts from Samsung to HTC. After you download and install the Mobile Transfer program, launch it and you will see its primary interface pops up like the following picture shows. Just choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to go to the next step.

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