How much is it to get into get air

How Much Does Central Air Cost?

how much is it to get into get air

Getting Some Air at Get Air

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Nevertheless, installing central air can be a hefty investment. Prices vary based on brand, power level and efficiency. When asking how much it costs to install central air, the second question is often why it costs so much. The cost will include fees to the contractor or subcontractor for installing electrical components as well as running ductwork if necessary. To be sure, installing an air conditioner is not a do-it-yourself project because of the electrical work involved. Most homes with a furnace will have adequate ductwork.

During the sweltering summer, it can be hard to put a price on comfort. But the sweet relief of air conditioning does come at a cost, and the bills get bigger as the days get hotter. Air conditioning can easily account for more than half of your electric bill this time of year. In most homes built within the last 50 years, ductwork is built into the walls and attic. Even if the existing ductwork needs repairs, just having it in place will save thousands of dollars, dozens of labor hours and lots of cutting into walls, ceilings and floorboards. Besides ductwork, the major factors that can affect installation costs are the size of the home which determines the size and cost of the unit , the complexity of the installation and the time of year, as many HVAC installers offer AC installation discounts in the colder months. Because of the number of factors at play, there is no one-size-fits-all estimate for how much it costs to cool a home.

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