Warframe how to get saryn

Warframe Saryn Prime Build, Chassis and Relics

warframe how to get saryn

Warframe - Saryn Prime Being Vaulted! Where To Farm

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Edit Tab CODEX Saryn's venomous attacks are horrifyingly effective against organic and synthetic enemies, and her ability to "shed" her skin makes her very elusive. This is Saryn, elusive and deadly. Unleashing an endless epidemic of contagious spores, the mistress of malady Saryn eradicates her foes through horrific decay. Erupt caustic pustules to spread her disease, shed deceptive husks to draw enemy fire, as she injects lethal venom and exhales deadly viruses to cleanse the System with her toxic touch. Saryn blossomed in Update 7.

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Saryn Prime Warframe – Build & Farming Guide

Warframe Saryn Nitro Bundle

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Saryn is known as the poison frame. Deadly and beautiful, she uses contagious spores and other poisonous Abilities to degrade her enemies Health, and active play will spread this Damage to every enemy nearby. Saryn has minor Damage mitigation in her second Ability, but she boasts a hearty set of base stats breaking a trend towards fragility for female frames at the time of her release. Saryn Prime shares the boon of the highest Energy pool in the game with the likes of Baruuk, Chroma Prime, and Volt Prime; giving her a generous allowance without the need for a Flow mod to keep her abilities available. Saryn was first introduced in Update 7 in March of , and after a recent design update, Saryn has seen a huge usage increase especially in enclosed missions like Defence, Interception, and Sanctuary Onslaught, where her abilities are especially potent.


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  1. Nearly Guaranteed refers to the total number of runs a player needs to obtain a 99%, %, Saryn is the 1st Warframe to replace Alloy Plates with Circuits for .

  2. Saryn is a Warframe that focuses on spreading poison and death with contagious abilities causes viral sickness amongst her enemies.

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