Is watermelon good for pregnant women

6 reasons you need to eat watermelon during pregnancy

is watermelon good for pregnant women

And you get all these benefits for less than 50 calories per cup. Some pregnant women swear that watermelon is all they can keep down when morning.


Nutrition is an essential part of a successful pregnancy; pregnant women need to constantly watch what they consume for their own sake and the sake of the baby within. Fruits are always recommended for pregnant women and there are fruits that bring unique benefits for pregnant women. Watermelon is not only safe but also beneficial for pregnant women. Watermelons can and should be consumed during pregnancy. Watermelons, consumed in moderation are not only safe but also very useful for pregnant women and their babies. Pregnancy causes major hormonal changes in the body. These changes bring some degree of discomfort; acidity and heartburn are problems most women face throughout their pregnancy.

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What are the benefits of eating fruit during pregnancy? Pregnant woman holding fruit including apples and oranges by tummy bump.
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Are you worried that eating a juicy watermelon may harm your baby inside? If this sounds like you, read our post. Here we look at how watermelons affect you during pregnancy. Most doctors will tell you it is good to have watermelons while you are pregnant, as it is full of nutrients. Here are some amazing health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy:.

Every so often the internet pretty much explodes after the launch of the next big thing as far as pregnancy is concerned. Whether it is a new maternity wear line or some exercise to keep you fit during your pregnancy, there is no denying the fact that they always have us all hooked; pregnant or not. These trends usually promise an easy breezy pregnancy full of laughter, fun, rainbows and fairy dust; and all the testimonials sure do help sell the story. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a walk in the park and no one exercise or fad diet will ever change that. However, there are a few trendy things that you can add to your mummy-to-be to-do list that will make the bumpy ride a bit more enjoyable, which includes the watermelon during pregnancy trend. What sets this apart from the many scams online is the fact that each and every one of the benefits promised is backed by actual scientific research. Without further ado, below are 6 amazing benefits you have to look forward to if you take watermelon during pregnancy.

The future mom is lucky if the pregnancy, especially her second half falls at the end of summer the beginning of autumn: the long-awaited time for everyone who loves sweet, juicy watermelon. A slice of a cool sweet watermelon during hot summer will brighten up the life of any person not talking about a pregnant woman. It will quench thirst, fill the body with coolness, and its sweet taste will bring incredible pleasure. So, if you are pregnant and are craving for this sweet juicy berry, but not sure whether it is safe to eat, then reading is your secret power. Watermelon is extremely useful for any healthy person.

12 Benefits Of Eating Watermelon During Pregnancy

Which fruits should you eat during pregnancy?

More than just a pretty pink fruit, juicy watermelon can soothe morning sickness, help you stay hydrated, and build a healthy baby. Once considered just a juicy treat with limited culinary range and nutritional value, watermelon actually is a versatile and very healthful fruit. On a salad plate, it's a succulent stand-in for tomatoes. It adds crunch and color to entrees. It makes a sweet background for smoothies and sorbets. And it freshens up a tangy barbecue sauce. If you're pregnant, the benefits are even more delicious.

If you are pregnant, you should be very careful with regards to your lifestyle choices to make sure that you have access to the right fruits and vegetables during the course of your pregnancy. When your body changes to accommodate the foetus, it is essential that you take adequate care of yourself by following a strict diet regimen which includes fruits, vegetables, micronutrients, and macronutrients. It is essential that you eat healthy foods for the good health of your baby. There are certain foods and fruits that are not recommended for pregnant women. If you are pregnant, read this article to know which fruits you should avoid. While most fruits do contain the required vitamins and nutrients that your body needs during pregnancy, especially when the foetus undergoes a growth spurt, it is equally important to avoid certain other types of fruits for they can cause sharp discomfort. Some fruits have even been known to affect the foetus, while others can lead toamiscarriage.

Turning mother is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for every woman. But with pregnancy comes the nine months of untold hardships, including food cravings, mood swings, and listening to non-stop advice from even strangers. Watermelon, fortunately, falls in the safe zone. Dig into a plateful of watermelon and learn how this delicious fruit can benefit your pregnancy. With summer comes the sweet and alluring scent of watermelon! The fruit that is known to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds without any efforts if we can forget the trouble of picking out the annoying seeds.

Why You Need More Watermelon in Your Pregnancy Diet







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