Kiki challenge girl hit by car

Is This Keke Challenge Gone Wrong Video Real?

kiki challenge girl hit by car

As the social media is going crazy with people sharing videos of the Kiki challenge, which has taken the internet by storm, India Today Fact.


Snopes needs your help! Learn more. A video captures a young woman being struck by an automobile while performing the "Keke Challenge. While many of these videos were entertaining check out Will Smith dancing on top of a bridge , in at least one of them, according to the Internet, a Keke Challenger experienced a tragic and potentially fatal turn as she was struck by an automobile in the act:. Fortunately, this video does not capture a woman actually being hit by a car while performing the Keke challenge.

Anna Worden was injured when she fell and hit her head doing the viral challenge. But the innocent challenge soon turned dangerous when thousands of people began to record themselves hopping outside of moving cars and performing the dance as the vehicles travel down the road. Videos of the risky dance have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Instagram and YouTube. But Worden, a lifelong dancer, was quickly knocked unconscious after stepping outside of the car. Emergency personnel transported Worden to a nearby hospital, where she was then airlifted to the intensive care unit in Iowa City.

The vitality was not because of her dance moves but the tragic end of the video where she is hit by a car. But the Instagrammer has now clarified that the video is edited and warned users to be more careful. When internet challenges go wrong.. Video is edited! A post shared by lofi3d lofi3d on Jul 20, at pm PDT. In UAE, arrest warrants have been issued against three "famous social media personalities" for taking part in a dance challenge that has gone viral on social media.

Viral Test: Girl hit by car while doing Kiki challenge

Woman, 18, Hospitalized After Attempting Viral 'In My Feelings Challenge' Based on Drake Song

Jump to navigation. As the social media is going crazy with people sharing videos of the Kiki challenge, which has taken the internet by storm, India Today Fact Check team verifies another video that went viral. You must have seen the most shared and talked about video of a girl, who jumps out of her car to dance, is hit by a speeding car. The video was edited with a warning that dancing in the street can be dangerous. The video has been shared by millions with many of them asking curiously about the fate of the girl. The video shows a blonde girl taking up the Kiki dance challenge by stepping out of her car. The 16 second video ends with the girl being hit by a speeding car.

A GIRL was left in a critical condition after she fell and smashed her head while attempting the latest viral craze - the Kiki challenge. Anna Worden, 18, had wanted to try the social media trend , which sees people jump out of a moving car and dance to Drake's song In My Feelings. She was airlifted to hospital and put in an intensive care unit after suffering a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain following the accident on July



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  1. A video of a girl stepping out of her car and doing the Kiki dance challenge has gone viral.

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