What are the colors you can get for braces

How to Choose Braces Colors That Look Good and Fit Your Style

what are the colors you can get for braces

Braces colors with lighter skin tone

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Coloured braces let you show off your fun or fashionable side while your smile is improving. Small bands hold the wire in place. The orthodontist tightens the wire in different places to gradually pull your teeth into alignment. It will take one or two hours to fit your braces, but each checkup will only be around 20 minutes. Treatment with coloured braces usually takes months, depending on how misaligned your teeth are.

Special Offers. Braces are usually the first line of correction when it comes to perfecting your smile. While you might not have the perfect teeth you want just yet, there's no reason you shouldn't feel confident in your smile while you have braces. The elastic bands that surround the metal or ceramic brackets are offered in a number of different colors, so you can choose the shade that's right for you. Whether you want to complement your skin tone or get festive with your look, braces colors can be used to help you feel confident until your braces are ready to come off.

Fun because you get to add a personal touch to a treatment that has few positives until it is completed and your braces have been removed. The main things you want to avoid are colors that make your teeth look yellow, mimic decay, or become discolored over time. Clear bands can highlight food particles in your teeth and become discolored over time. White braces highlight the natural yellow in your teeth and become discolored more easily than other colors. Yellow and other light colors can also enhance the natural yellow in your teeth. Black braces can mimic tooth decay or food particles, especially as they fade over time. Certain shades of brown and green can look like food particles against yellower teeth.

Getting braces? If so, did you know that you can get different colored bands to make a statement, or simply reflect your personality? Red is the color of energy, courage, and love. People who gravitate towards red want to get everything they can out of life, and are letting everyone else know that, too. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have blue, which is cool, calm, and focused. Blue sends the message that you have your act together, and are ready to take on what life throws you. Boys tend to love blue, especially dark blue see braces colors for boys, below.

Braces Colors: Whats Available and How to Choose


What the Color of Your Braces Says About You

Red, blue, green, purple, and pink are some of the most common braces colors or you can mix and match to create your own color combination. If you are having trouble picking the right color for your braces, check out these tips and consult with your orthodontist. There are many ways to decide what color braces are right for you. Should you pick your favorite color? Should they match your wardrobe? Should they coordinate with an upcoming holiday or special event?

Colors for braces (ideas)

Braces Colors: How to Choose Your Perfect Shade

Why not have a little fun with them? There are several colors of braces you can choose from, and many people with braces like to use them as another way to show off their personality. Braces have many different parts, including the brackets, archwire, metal bands o-rings for back teeth and elastics or bands made of rubber that go around each bracket. See here for for more on clear braces vs. Choosing different bands will allow you to show off different colors, or even an entire color scheme. For more on the various colors of braces, check out our braces color wheel to find the right color braces for you. You can switch colors each visit.

One of the best things about NHS orthodontic treatment is that you have the option to customise the colour of your braces so you can make them stand out or blend in depending on your mood. Your brace consists of small metal brackets, which are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. These brackets are moved using a thin wire, which is held in place using tiny elastic bands, also known as ligatures. You can even choose to combine two different colours for a bespoke look and maximum impact! Every time we adjust your brace approximately every 68 weeks your orthodontist or therapist will change your elastic bands, giving you the opportunity to change your colour scheme.

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Getting braces to correct a dental problem is a big decision. Conventional braces have several components. Strong metal bands encircle your back molars, anchoring the archwires that run from tooth to tooth. The upper and lower archwires are attached to brackets on the front of each tooth using rubber bands.


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  1. Colored braces let you show off your fun or fashionable side while your smile is improving.

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