Nutraceuticals and functional foods in human health and disease prevention

The Role of Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Food Supplements in Intestinal Health

nutraceuticals and functional foods in human health and disease prevention

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention examines the benefits, efficacy, and success of properly designed nutraceuticals .

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Abstract Functional foods will be hopeful to good health in the future because it have been classified either as preventive or therapeutic purpose and used alone or mixed together for prevention some of certain diseases. Therefore, functional foods help the rights of protection from many modern diseases that we see today. However, increasing and varieties of the functional foods are a challenging perspective for promotion and formulation of healthy food and which can be useful for enhancements of the human health. In light of the tremendous development in the technology industry and the competition between nations to catch up with civilization and technology led to environmental changes and change in human behavior and food habits and was surrounded by a set of risks resulted from the environmental pollution or caused by excessive use of agricultural techniques and pesticides and heavy metals pollution. The interest in developing functional foods is thriving, driven largely by the market potential for foods that can improve the health and well-being of consumers. Historically, long-established food traditions and the knowledge of what foods are and how they should be eaten have neutralized the food-related anxieties.

Improved economic and developed people with their lifestyle have created many challenges of health issues obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, allergies and dental problems , due to selection of different food habits such as consumption of manifold junk foods. It has created number of health problem development of many diseases related to nutritional deficiencies food. Nowadays, people have developed the habit for shifting of synthetic food ingredients to organic foods and ingredients, obtained from natural sources. In this regards, nutraceuticals food or its food products can perform important role in controlling the diseases via fulfilling all the health benefits to many people at worldwide. Incredible dietary supplements as nutraceuticals food involvement in nutritional, immunologic and physiological functions can help in prevention or treatment of many diseases mitigating of gastrointestinal GI tract problem , as it is synthesized from raw herbals and lots of rapidly growing industries are reported to synthesize these natural products.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Global health and the increasing incidence of various diseases are a cause for concern, and doctors and scientists reason that the diet, food habits and lifestyle are contributing factors. Processed food has reduced the nutritional value of our diet, and although supplementing foods with various additives is considered an alternative, the long-term impact of this is not known. Many laboratories around the world are working to identify various nutritional components in our daily food and their effect on human health. These have been classified as Nutraceuticals or functional food, and they may have preventive and therapeutic effects in a number of pathologies associated with modern dietary habits and lifestyles. This book addresses various aspects of this issue, revitalizing the discussion and consolidating the latest research on nutritional and functional food and their effects in in-vitro , in-vivo and human clinical studies.

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Functional Food and Human Health

Definition and concept of functional foods and nutraceuticals, teleology of nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention

The tenet "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," espoused by Hippocrates nearly 2, years ago, is receiving renewed interest. In particular, there has been an explosion of consumer interest in the health enhancing role of specific foods or physiologically-active food components, so-called functional foods Hasler, Clearly, all foods are functional, as they provide taste, aroma, or nutritive value. Within the last decade, however, the term functional as it applies to food has adopted a different connotation -- that of providing an additional physiological benefit beyond that of meeting basic nutritional needs. This Scientific Status Summary reviews the literature for the primary plant and animal foods that have been linked with physiological benefits.

What is FUNCTIONAL FOOD? What does FUNCTIONAL FOOD mean? FUNCTIONAL FOOD meaning & explanation

New eating habits, actual trends in production and consumption have a health, environmental and social impact.
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