Weight distribution and sway control hitch

Weight Distributing Kit & Sway Control

weight distribution and sway control hitch

Standard Weight Dist Hitch and Sway Control H264

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Simple to install, self-adjusting sway control! Attached to Trailer Frame. When Andersen Hitches decided to create our own Weight Distribution Hitch, we wanted to improve on the models that we saw in the industry. That desire led us through two years of development and road testing, and resulted in a complete redesign of weight distribution. And we left the competition in the dust! We combined modern materials, technology and innovation to create the simplest, quietest, and most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today.

Imagine this: you and your family have loaded your travel trailer and are heading to your vacation destination. On the road, you are about to pass an wheeler. As the truck passes, your trailer begins to sway back and forth or fishtail. If you have ever experienced this, you know how scary it can be and that maintaining control can be quite difficult. Trailer sway is one of the main causes for accidents involving trailers and, for many people, it is the reason they put their trailer away for good after only a few trips. The good news is that, with the use of our hitch, the SwayPro, you can prevent sway in any type of weather. I had struggled with my Rockwood for over a year now as I had more of an entry level system that had come off of my old Wildwood unit when I traded it in.

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A weight distribution hitch transfers weight otherwise concentrated at the hitch ball and distributes it more evenly toward the tow vehicle and toward the trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control and stability, better braking, less strain on vehicle. Most towing guides published by vehicle manufacturers list a higher towing capacity for vehicles equipped with weight distribution hitches compared to towing on the ball without using a weight distribution hitch. Husky offers a variety of weight distribution hitches including round, trunnion and our award-winning Center Line Towing System.
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Whether you are passing a semi-truck, experiencing gusty wind, or making a quick maneuver, the Equal-i-zer hitch works to keep your trailer and family safe. Our patented design transfers trailer tongue weight to all axles, improving steering, stopping, and providing a smooth, level, enjoyable ride. The Equal-i-zer hitch works with almost any RV, horse, cargo, boat, and utility trailer, including trailers with surge brakes. The Equal-i-zer hitch is simple and easy to use. Hitching and unhitching are conveniently done from any angle, and adjustments are simple. Our dealers know which Equal-i-zer model is best for your set-up. They can install the hitch for you and show you how easy it is to use with your trailer.

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Weight Distribution and Sway Control


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