Liam starts at a number and counts by 5s

Liam Jordan

liam starts at a number and counts by 5s

He counts by 5s six times and is now at the number What number did. Liam start counting from? Explain how you know. 4 UNIT 1 LESSON 1. Multiply with 5.

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Multiply by. The result is a negative number in this case. A negative number divided by a positive number equals a negative result. If you divide a positive number by a positive number, the result is positive. If you divide a positive number by a negative number, the result is negative. If you divide a negative number by a positive number, the result is negative.

If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Math Early math Addition and subtraction within Skip-counting. Practice: Skip-count by 5s. Practice: Skip-count by 10s.

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Question Liam thinks of a number. He multiplies the number by 5 and then subtracts 60 from the result. What was the number Liam started with?.
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He had been spoken about in previous episodes, but appeared for the first time in Saturday. Liam was the former foster brother of Callie and Jude , whom his family took in for two years. Liam was initially nice to Callie, doing small gestures for her and sometimes flirting. When Callie turned fifteen, Liam got her to start a relationship with him despite their age gap and being foster siblings. However, late one night, Liam snuck into Callie's room to have sex with her. Despite Callie's pleas that she wasn't ready, he went on to rape her.

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Liam Jordan. Ives, UK. Singer-songwriter Liam Jordan used to be a shy boy.


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