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How to Get Bath and Body Works Coupons

bath and body works sign in



Visit our website to see participating locations! We heard you! This app is seriously a joke. Slow roll out for testing that has been over 2 years? How fair is that?

Skip to main content. Bath and Body Works Body. My favorite scent in the whole world. Sometimes super hard to find. Not as light as their regular lotion - not as thick as their body butter. So it's perfect for the dryness of Las Vegas. See All Buying Options.

Have you ever wondered how to start receiving coupons to Bath and Body Works so you can save even more money? I know a lot of you have asked how to start receiving them, so I have put together a list of ways you can get Bath and Body Works Coupons. You will start receiving emails with sales, first looks at new products, and even coupons! I know it may seem like a cardinal sin to buy something without a coupon I get it! When you go to make your purchase, the cashier will ask you for your phone number give her your home phone number not your cell number. Your home number is attached to your home address; Bath and Body Works is able to pull that up and start sending you coupons in the mail!

And you want to know how to get them too?
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Bath and Body Works

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