Dot specification 51 56 57 and 60 portable tanks

49 CFR § 173.32 - Requirements for the use of.

dot specification 51 56 57 and 60 portable tanks

(3) A DOT Specification 51 portable tank may be used whenever a DOT Specification 56, 57, or 60 portable tank is authorized. A DOT Specification 60 portable.

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The provisions of this Chapter 13 issued under act of April 27, P. Code and renumbered as 34 Pa. The provisions of this Chapter 13 adopted October 12, , 1 Pa. Code Chapter 14a, February 28, , effective March 1, , 44 Pa. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages to , to , to and to Notes of Decisions. The act of December 27, P.

For cryogenic liquid in cargo tanks, see For marking requirements for portable tanks and cargo tanks, see MC, c of this MC; see section. Note 12 DOT, MC, MC

Recently, the international community has made updates to the United Nations UN Model Regulations UN Recommendations and international modal regulations for the different modes of transport for transportation of dangerous goods. These updates include the addition of new marine pollutants to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMDG Code , new requirements for dangerous goods safety marks for fumigated cargo and for the transport of lithium batteries and new shipping names and provisions for engines and resin kits. Also, new provisions adopted in the 19th edition of the UN Recommendations, regarding the classification of polymerizing substances and viscous liquids, have not yet been incorporated in the TDGR, causing increased burden on consignors who have to classify dangerous goods before offering them for transport. However, these documents are updated regularly and as a result the versions referenced in the TDGR are not always the most current ones. This can be confusing for stakeholders and lead to increased burden since a regulatory amendment is required to update the reference in the TDGR to the newest versions. Differences between the national standards and regulations in Canada and those in the United States U. The lack of harmonization, in particular with respect to pressure receptacles and equivalency certificates, is imposing burden on business operation, on cross-border trade and on the gas industry.

49CFR173.315 - Compressed Gases in Cargo Tanks and Portable Tanks.

SoLid Woi-te Ma. Department of Commerce Springfield, Virginia U. Publication does not signify that the contents necessarily reflect the views and policies of the U.

Vol. 150, No. 48 — November 26, 2016

Except as provided in paragraph b of this section, no person may affix or display on a packaging, freight container, unit load device, motor vehicle or rail car—. Placards may be displayed for a hazardous material, even when not required, if the placarding otherwise conforms to the requirements of this subpart. A freight container, unit load device, transport vehicle, or rail car which contains non-bulk packages with two or more categories of hazardous materials that require different placards specified in table 2 of paragraph e of this section may be placarded with a DANGEROUS placard instead of the separate placarding specified for each of the materials in table 2 of paragraph e of this section. However, when 1, kg 2, pounds aggregate gross weight or more of one category of material is loaded therein at one loading facility on a freight container, unit load device, transport vehicle, or rail car, the placard specified in table 2 of paragraph e of this section for that category must be applied. Placards are specified for hazardous materials in accordance with the following tables:. However, a bulk packaging must be marked with the appropriate identification number on a CLASS 9 placard , an orange panel , or a white square-on-point display configuration as required by subpart D of this part. When more than one compatibility group placard is required for Class 1 materials, only one placard is required to be displayed, as provided in paragraphs g 1 through g 4 of this section.

No person may offer a hazardous material for transportation in a portable tank except as authorized by this subchapter. This requirement does not apply to any portable tank filled prior to the test or inspection due date. A particular Specification portable tank may be substituted for another portable tank as follows:.

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