Only fools and horses to hull and back dailymotion

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only fools and horses to hull and back dailymotion

Watch Only Fools and Horses - Season 4, Episode 8 - To Hull and Back: Just a simple courier job says Boycie but the Trotter's life on the ocean.

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Mother Nature's Son. Transmitted: At Del and Rodney are strapped for Christmas cash. To make matters worse, while Cassandra finally has her promotion, Raquel is suffering from post-natal depression. Rodney is concerned that Del has lost his drive. When confronted, Derek explains that on top of his woes, the council have approved his application to buy their flat in Nelson Mendela House, doubling the rent.

Despite being aired as a Christmas special, it is set on an August bank holiday weekend, and sees Del and the gang go on a coach trip to Margate. The so-called traditional Jolly Boys' Outing , whereby all the regulars at the Nag's Head pub go on an annual coach trip "beano" to the seaside resort of Margate in Kent is also approaching. The following evening, at Rodney and Cassandra 's flat, the Trotters enjoy a sophisticated dinner with Cassandra's parents as well as her boss, Stephen, and his wife, Joanne. Rodney is barely able to hide his dislike of Stephen due to what he sees as his yuppie pretentiousness, while Del mistakenly thinks to Stephen's annoyance that he and Stephen are alike. Del invites Stephen to join the outing due to Joanne's absence visiting her parents for the weekend, but he politely declines. The night ends with a game of Trivial Pursuit , in which Del Boy suggests that a female swan is called a bic after Rodney tried to give him a clue by discreetly showing him a pen.

Next Episode Previous Episode. Just a simple courier job says Boycie but the Trotter's life on the ocean wave doesn't go completely to plan. They run into their old friend Slater 'The Slag' but it isn't all plain sailing for him either. Who was the Episode MVP? Episode Discussion. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. See All Videos.

Christmas Crackers Dec. 28, - 3. Diamonds Are For Heather Dec. 30, - 4. Thicker Than Water Dec. 25, - 5. To Hull and Back Dec. 25, - 6.
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It was first broadcast on 25 December In the episode, the Trotters search for the hidden gold legacy of Frederick "Freddie the Frog" Robdal, an old friend of their mother's. It transpires that Del and Rodney's mother met Robdal and "befriended" him a euphemism for Del's mother having had a brief affair with him, as was revealed she had done many times with a number of men throughout the series' development before Rodney was born and while she and her husband Reg were having marital troubles. Reenie describes Robdal as a very cultured man, into French wine and paintings. It is on this information that Del embarks on a mission to find the lost gold, having inherited it from his mother on her death, who in turn, had had it bequeathed to her by Robdal in his will. Uncle Albert, who knew Robdal vaguely during the war , finishes the tale later in the episode by stating that shortly after stealing the gold, and whilst still on the run from the Police, Robdal and an explosives expert known as "Jelly" Kelly, robbed a Post Office. During the robbery, Robdal inadvertently sat on a detonator, killing them both.

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Funniest "Only Fools And Horses" Moments

Boycie and Abdul pitch a diamond scam to Del Boy, who immediately turns them down. Del finds himself designated as the courier between Holland and Britain. No sooner has Del enlisted a reluctant Rodders, he hears his old foil Chief Inspector Slater is eyeing Boycie and Abdul as drug dealers.

One of "Only Fools and Horses" strengths was its ability to mix comedy and tragedy - a prime example of this being Cassandra's miscarriage. After Rodney asks Del for advise on what to say to Cass after the loss of their baby, Del encourages him to be strong for her- emphasising that he must not cry. Del struggles to cope with the situation, however, and he ends up being the one to break down in tears in both a hilarious and poignant moment!
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