White and gold living room

48 Black and White Living Room Ideas

white and gold living room

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Too much black in the living room can get overwhelming though. But it is not easy, while creating this look I came across various amazing black, white and gold living rooms and I tried to decipher the decor fundamentals that made them look that great. Sharing those with you today with a mood board and links at the end. Preferably, use gold only as an accent in your accessories. Use pattern in various scales and in different elements to add depth in your decor. This living room displays white-black pattern used at three levels Above.

One of the hottest trends in interior design right now, is using 2 ends of the spectrum such as black and white. Black and white combination makes a modern, sophisticated and elegant combination of colors which can make your living room look absolutely stunning. Black and white combination can be dramatic, dynamic, modern, formal and is also the ideal background for adding other colors. This combination can actually blend equally well in interiors of all sorts of styles including art deco, hi tech, classic, among others. Black and white living room design generally accepts the presence of the other colors which means it gives you plenty of room to get creative and use your imagination. One of the rules when creating a black and white living room is not to use the black and white colors in similar proportion; you need to choose 1 color which will dominate the design. The choice will depend entirely on your particular taste, and and what you wish to achieve as the final result.

I feel like I worked on this project forever! It has been such a fun project! I loved every second of the space planning, the selections, the installation, and the styling. As wonderful as the project has been, the real fun comes from sharing it with you! After two years of blogging, I consider you all my friends and I wish I could invite each of you over to see our new living room in person! Read our full disclosure here.

Oftentimes, the colors chosen are the usually favorites of the homeowners, but then sometimes, there are suggestions of the designers who knows more about color combinations and asks the homeowners if they like it too of course, they will be the ones who will always have the last say on how their home will look. You will notice that this combination really works because of how great these two colors are together. Both are quite luxurious colors, and with the right amount of these colors, the combination would be perfect. Grove Park Construction. This living room is really fascinating. The colors in here are both beautiful and classy.

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