Keen and peele substitute teacher

Key And Peele Substitute Teacher 4

keen and peele substitute teacher

[Mr. Garvey] All right, listen up y'all. I'm your substitute teacher Mr. Garvey, I taught school for 20 years in the inner city, so don't even think about messing with.

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You are present? Uh, here. Thank you. What is it, a-aron? Some of us need to leave a few minutes early today. Oh, is that so? And what, pray tell.

Key And Peele

Each episode of the show consists mainly of several pre-taped skits starring the two actors. - Garvey] All right, listen up y'all. I'm your substitute teacher Mr.

Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher

In a wide range of sketches, the duo tackle everything from the Trayvon Martin case to hip-hop hype men to Les Miserables and that's just in a single episode. The show's far-ranging, unmistakable comic sensibility comes from creators and stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele but how does one of their sketches actually come together? I recently spoke to Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele about the origins of "Substitute Teacher" one of their most popular sketches ever, and one they revisited in last week's season premiere to get a better understanding of their creative process:. The original "Substitute Teacher" sketch is your most-viewed YouTube video ever, with more than 33 million views and counting. How did the idea originally come about? Key: It was basically just the idea of a guy from the inner city who was subbing in an all-white classroom. That was literally the premise of the sketch.

Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher Pt. 2

He is a substitute teacher who has had experience teaching inner city kids for over 20 years. He is most commonly known for misprouncing students' names. He quickly gets frustrated when the students try to correct him. The students that make him angry are To which he begins shouting

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Quotes. Various Characters: All right, listen up, y'all. I'm y'all's substitute teacher, Mr. Garvey. I taught school for 20 years in the inner city, so don't even think.
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