Charlie and the chocolate factory hippodrome

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Swirls Baltimore Into A World Full Of Pure Imagination

charlie and the chocolate factory hippodrome

Primus and the Chocolate Factory - "Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride" Live at the Hippodrome 2014

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As the Candy Man himself said, "come with me, and you'll see a world of pure imagination. On the basis of pure creativity and theatre magic, this show is a hit for young and old. These days, it's fun to have at least a singular moment of "I don't know how they managed to do that", however in this show particularly from the magic of a soaring paper airplane, to a child gobbled into a television set, there are many of these moments of amazement. And I'm sure the numerous children in the audience were completely taken by the sheer wonder of it. Of course, none of this magic would mean anything without a fabulous Wonka at the center of the story, and in Noah Weisberg they have found that perfect mix of funny and a little bit off his rocker. Weisberg is having the time of his life creating a snarky Wonka, that is still in awe of owning his very own Chocolate Factory. Wood's constant state of wonder mirrors his mentor Wonka.

With a winning young actor in the lead role, any ticket to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is good as gold. If the entire national tour goes this well, America is in for a massive sugar rush. The new musical gets the focus right. By the time the current stage version reached Broadway in , the adaptation by playwright David Greig made certain we were with young Charlie on every step of his journey. Rueby Wood who alternates in the role with Henry Boshart and Collin Jeffrey carries us along all evening on his delicate frame, bobbing and weaving past every left-hook and sucker punch Dahl can throw at him. However, be warned that very young viewers might find their fates more disturbingly grim than Grimm.

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Shows People Theatres Awards. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tour. Opening Date Sep 22, Closing Date Jun 21, Musical Original National Tour.

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Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at The Hippodrome Theatre



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Roald Dahl's treasured tale is now Broadway's Golden Ticket! It's the perfect recipe for a delectable treat: songs from the original film, including “Pure.
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