Retirement and good living in the us and overseas

The World's Best Places To Retire In 2019

retirement and good living in the us and overseas

Retirement can and should be a rewarding time of life. Retirement Locations– Check out the top overseas and U.S. retirement locations as well as top biking.

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A breathtaking view off the coast of Santorini, Greece. So, when the publishing company I was working for decided it wanted to open an office in Ireland, it was kismet. My family and I left Baltimore, Maryland. We were off for a new life in the Auld Sod. Fast-forward seven years, and we were packing again, this time for a move from Waterford to Paris, where my daughter had decided she wanted to spend a year studying abroad.

Retiring abroad, and launching a new life in a new country is the adventure of a lifetime. We are here to make that decision a little bit easier for you. We have spent the last year compiling the information you need to make an informed decision. Our editor and writers have travelled to the four corners to enable you to more easily decide which retirement location best suits your needs. We believe you are never too old to learn, and we never rest on our laurels.

The Real Reason To Retire Overseas

Retire Earlier, Live Better. Spend Less - Its Easy Overseas (+ My Own Story)

Retiring abroad: great health care, cheap rent. Here’s the catch

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet. Plus, good health care abroad can cost a fraction of what it does in the U. The rest of the world is just not like that. People who do well living abroad tend to have some things in common, Peddicord and Prescher say. Those include:.

Retirement can and should be a rewarding time of life. We created this site to provide information for anyone of any age contemplating retirement including boomers, the silent generation and all who have already retired. Retirement is the time to enjoy life. Use the menu bar above to navigate through hundreds of pages of great retirement topics and tools. Or click on the following quick links to jump directly to your topic of interest. Search for:.


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  1. Kelly Hayes-Raitt traded Los Angeles for a small lakeside town in Mexico and life out of a suitcase — and she's planning on retiring that way.

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