Academy of thought and industry

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academy of thought and industry

A School that Frees Students to Think, Question, and Create

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We are delighted that you have found us. Please find a detailed outline of our admissions process below. We look forward to getting to know you. Do you love exploring new styles, new entertainment, new ideas, new cultures, new ways of living? What if you could learn, explore, and dream widely beyond the relatively narrow boundaries of standard peer culture?

ATI is primarily a high school community. There are no strict age cut-offs. The most important criterion for admissions is suitability for the environment. We are seeking students who, when given greater autonomy and support, are interested in and capable of doing much more than they could in a standard educational environment. See more on our Apply page.

For many decades, researchers who have focused on achieving excellence in all realms have studied the practices of exceptionally capable learners. With three helpful tips, Michael Strong explains how to cultivate excellence with high school students. Guidepost is an international network of Montessori schools where joyful learning leads to children that love to learn. We create delightful, engaging activities and apps for children, and helpful, inspiring resources for parents. Learning is a lifestyle.

Each Academy of Thought and Industry high school is a high-accountability, ATI high school students enjoying time together in an ATI classroom.
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Endorse Academy of Thought and Industry. Endorsements should be a few sentences in length. Please include any comments on:. Thank you for your school recommendation! Your review will be checked according to our submission guidelines and posted within a few days. Academy of Thought and Industry in Austin 5 months ago. Stossel: A Better School feat.

Each aspect of our program is designed to enable students to cultivate personal, academic, and professional excellence. Socratic Humanities develops a student's ability to analyze complex texts and become a capable writer of analytic essays while exploring the world of ideas via classroom Socratic dialogues, inspired by ATI founder Michael Strong's book, The Habit of Thought. The liberal arts curriculum was designed to liberate students from the parochial considerations of time and place. The purpose of studying the sciences, history, literature, etc. Although our courses may be taken as preparation for Advanced Placement exams, the goal is to connect students to the world of ideas, not merely to prepare for tests though our students do well on AP exams. We also offer innovative academic courses, including Asian religions, digital media literacy, philosophy, and so on. Our project-based courses provide students with the skills needed in real world domains such as design, entrepreneurship, programming, film, photography, graphic design, etc.

Our campus provides an ideal setting for a rich urban education. The school is easily accessed by city transit, and the nearby park provides the perfect space for regular physical activity. The newly remodeled facility is designed to capture the feel of a state-of-the-art co-working space, with truly spectacular degree views of the city, the Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. Gifted, passionate, and committed, our staff at ATI San Francisco are remarkable individuals both inside and outside our classrooms. Mark Gonnerman explores literary, philosophical, historiographical, and religious texts to discern what knowledge and skills are most needful for human flourishing. He attended St.

Academy of Thought and Industry

Within walking distance, the area boasts several parks, a performing arts center, Barton Springs, and the Zilker Botanical Garden. - Each Academy of Thought and Industry high school is a high-accountability, high-autonomy learning community focused on personal, academic, and professional excellence. The unique and inspired individual student experience at ATI supports each student to excel at things that matter to them.

The area around our building is full of personality and boasts a spirit of creativity, independence, and liveliness that mirrors and accentuates the pillars of our program. The uniqueness of our program fits right in with the diverse, colorful, and entrepreneurial atmosphere that characterizes the East Village. Gifted, passionate, and committed, our staff at ATI East Village are remarkable individuals both inside and outside our classrooms. She has worked in the field of education for the past decade, serving as an administrator and delivering support to various K schools, universities, and community organizations. Grant is deeply passionate about the importance of a proper education, and she loves connecting with students and their families to help them excel both in and outside of the classroom. When with friends and family, Ms.



Interview with Michael Strong, Founder and Head of the Academy of Thought and Industry



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