Parks and rec burger cook off

Turkey and Beef Face Off in a Recreation of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Burger Cook Off

parks and rec burger cook off

Late Night Eats - Nick Offerman Makes A Ron Swanson Turkey Burger (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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In the meantime, Andy and April are throwing a party but their other roommate, Ben, has no idea said party was happening. Got a question for the show or want to hear previous episodes? Holler at us on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, Leslie and Ron are locked in a face-off for the ages. Plus, the truth behind Girl Scout badges, the joy of making your own popcorn, shopping malls, and an outfit from this episode that made Sean incredibly happy and giddy. Leslie Knope has written a book!

Chris announces that he is implementing a city-wide health initiative, starting with removing hamburgers from the commissary, to Ron's dismay.
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Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. Ann convinces Leslie to sign up for an online dating service, only to be matched with someone she already knows. Chris decides to start a health initiative and challenges Ron to a burger cook-off.

Their burger cook-off rests on an ostensibly simple choice: turkey or beef. I am no burger scientist. I just like to eat good things. But I know that when I want one kind of burger, the other will not do, and nor are the two filed in the same place in my brain. Sometimes you want a beef patty, fired up on a backyard grill, dressed simply with ketchup, mustard, and American cheese. The key to a satisfactory burger-eating experience is not the precise combination of toppings, nor the exact doneness of the patty, not the quality of beef or nor the perfect mustard selection.

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Today, I learned food dreams come true: The people at eater. Take that, bacon-wrapped turkey leg! I can already envision the entry for the perfect Swanson breakfast:. Plus, how could you not trust a man who has a gunshot as his ringtone to cook you a quality meal? Your turn, PopWatchers. Bonus points if you create it in detail as I did above. And what would you title the cookbook?

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. It originally aired on April 21, and had 4. Chris Traeger enacts a government-wide health initiative in Pawnee, starting by banning red meat from the city hall commissary, much to the displeasure of Ron. He challenges Chris to a burger cook-off to prove red meat is superior to Chris' lean meat, with red meat staying on the menu if Ron wins.

Binging with Babish: The Swanson from Parks and Recreation


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  1. "Soulmates" is the tenth episode of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation's third season, and the 40th overall episode of the series. In the.

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